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Decorative, coloured, residential, industrial – and everything in between.

Whatever your concrete requirements, WimMix can create the mix you need. We also supply a range of additional products to help you achieve your complete project goals.

Standard Mixes

Our standard concrete mixes range from paving to high-strength structural concrete.

To produce these mixes, we combine raw materials (of very specific portions) with a purpose- made agitator barrel. The result? A workable concrete mix that’s ready for use across broad applications

Our standard mixes are classified as Normal Class (N) and conform to Australian Standard 1379 – Specification and Supply of Concrete.

ConcreteMaximum Aggregate Size MixGradeProduct Specification
20MPa 14mm Mix N2020MPa, 14mm
N20Pdf link
25MPa 14mm Mix N2525MPa, 14mmN25Pdf link
32MPa 14mm Mix N3232MPa, 14mmN32Pdf link
40MPa 14mm Mix N4040MPa, 14mmN40Pdf link
50MPa 14mm Mix N5050MPa, 14mmN50Pdf link

Speciality Mixes

Our speciality mixes possess certain characteristics or properties that are different to (and in addition to) Normal Class specifications. They either:

  • Have separate design criteria to meet and exceed Australian Standards
  • Are designed for special-use purposes that require deep technical knowledge to achieve a desired performance outcome

These include:

  • Kerb Mixes, with a choice of:
    • 10mm Kerb Mix Grade 280kg
    • 10mm Kerb Mix Grade: 320kg; and
    • 7mm Kerb Mix
  • Shot Crete
  • Paving Mix
  • Exposed Pebble Mix
  • Post Hole Mix

Please contact us to discuss the best mix for your requirements, including customised mixes for special project work.

Coloured Concrete

Choose from three distinct colour categories: Basic, Mid and Exclusive.

How do we achieve these colour categories? By adding specially prepared pigments during the manufacturing process which changes the mix’s natural colour and the concrete’s ultimate appearance.

We have samples available at the plant so that you can colour match your existing concrete. We can assist you in this selection process and advise on product suitability and performance.

Please contact us to discuss your specific colour requirements.

Additional Products

We offer the following additional products. Please contact us to discuss how we can address your specific requirements.

AdditivesCement Treated ProductsUntreated Products
Additives are chemicals derived from modern technology that are specifically developed for concrete manufacturing.

We use additives to control concrete performance – and to comply with design criteria.
These are raw materials (such as sand or crushed rocks) that contain small amounts of cement which acts as a bonding agent.

The cement assists with the matrix adhesion causing a stabilisation effect.
These are raw materials such as sand, stone and crushed rocks that are not mixed with cement.